Sunday, 7 February 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge

Good Morning,

It's Sunday again and time to 
announce the next letter for the Challenge.
As I write this post there has already been
29 brilliant entries and there is still
time to add yours if you haven't done it yet!

So, what is the next letter going to be?
As you know, I asked the DT to pick the next 
few letters, today it is Dawn's turn....

She has decided to pick.....


But she has added a twist....there must
be a heart somewhere!!!!
Ha ha....nice one Dawn!

So what have the DT made -

Neil has added to his book....

Karen has added this to her tray....

You know what you have to do, as many
entries as you like, via the link if possible.
If you can't use the link then send your pics
to me at
The link will close at midnight on Sunday 21st
February so you have two weeks. 
Your project must contain a word beginning
with F and include the dictionary term for
that word.  This time you must include a 
The winner will be announced on Tuesday
23rd February and will receive a £10 
voucher.  The winner will be picked by
Random Generator.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Jane x

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Your number is up - Neil Walker


Happy weekend everyone,
Hope you are all doing something

I have one very happy lady who is now
able to sort out what was wrong when trying
to post on the Challenges so she has asked 
me to say thank you very much for all 
your help!

Back to our numbers and let see
what Neil has been up to.....

This week I have chosen to use numbers to 
create a list format in my journal. I started
 by creating a background in my journal using 
the Layering Stencil, Distress Spritzer and
 a selection of Distress Markers

I used Black Soot and the Eye Chart Stencil to
 add a list of numbers to the left side of the page.

I used Black Soot and the same stencil used
 on the background to frame the page

I coloured a Tando Creative Clock with inks
 and glued it onto the page. (And yes, I know
 it is backwards LOL. I wanted it to be that
 way for the specific journaling.) I added an
 assortment of cogs and washers inside and
 spooned a dollop of Triple thick glaze.

I've added lines to the left, ready for my journaling "list"

On the right the glaze has leveled out and
 domed beautifully to create my watch
 centre. This will take a good few days to
 totally dry and turn clear but it will eventually.
 I just need to remember not to close the book!

     Oh wow, love that clock and glaze idea, hmmm
wonder why it has to be backwards?

Thank you Neil!

This is what Neil used - 

DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

Well that's another week gone!!
I'll be back tomorrow with the next letter
for The Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.

Jane x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Your Number is Up - Dawn Heald

Morning All,

Thank you for all your help yesterday,
I shall get back to the ladies and
see if they now know where they were 
going wrong!
You are such a clever lot!!

I'm a bit useless with computers,
I can just about muddle through on 
here but I'm very easily confused!
Ha ha, I can hear what you are saying!

So, today is National Numbers Day,
The DT were asked for something
'numerical'.  As usual they have come
up with some lovely projects.

We start with Dawn.....
this is so beautiful!

Dawn says.....
For numbers week I've used a Sculpture
 Block that I've carved into a number 6.
 I chose six as that's the number of 
our household minus the cats. 

You do need a long blade to cut right through
 the block so I used a thin kitchen knife after
 going part way through with craft knife. I can 
see lots of possibilities with these blocks
 including making stamps. Just take your time.

To make my project -
I found some tools that may be useful, as I 
couldn't find my carving kit.  Draw out your design.
 Transfer to block by either cutting out and 
drawing around it or place design on top and 
use an embossing tool to go over to leave an imprint
 of design. I did try pencil and tracing but it didn't work.

Carefully cut and carve out design. Use sand
 paper or sanding block to smooth edges
Use smaller tools to carve a design in the block.
 I used a curved tip and gouged out little
 leaf shapes, smoothed the insides with embossing
 tool. and used a quilling tool to make little dot holes. 

Coat with Decoart Media Ultra Matt Varnish
 to seal.
Using Fresco paints in light colours 
paint all over. Paint two coats. Then dry brush
 on a darker shade of paint so can see colour
 underneath in parts. 

Use silver gilding wax on edges.
Sprinkle over some White Ultra Thick 
Embossing Powder and melt.

Add some embellishments to decorate.

 I made a
 rose from paper painted with purple and
 stamped over in teal. Some leaves made
 from a Martha Stewart mold and a bead
 wire thing.

I was really pleased with the outcome.

 It withstood
 a heat tool to dry paint and powder. And a tip if
 you carve a mistake you can fill it in with grunge
 paste or Media Sand paste, dry then sand smooth.
 What do you think? What else can you think of
 with these. I'd love to hear. Thanks for checking 
in here today. X

So what do you think??
I just love it.

This is what Dawn used -